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Galápagos Islands

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Galápagos Islands

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The World Misses Canadians. Rekindle Your Love for Travel.

Are you missing the world and the adventures it promises? The world misses you too. But more than that, the world misses us … Canadians, driven by wanderlust. We love to globetrot – traversing new destinations, meeting new people and sharing a little of our Canadian pride, along the way. But for the last year, locked-in and locked-down, we’ve been denied the chance to fashion our favourite flag in foreign harbours.

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The Monograms experience is luxurious by my standards. They help with the planning; you can avoid all that hunting on trying to find the right hotel, location, and price; they take care of it for you. By working with just a few hotels they can exercise buying power and get you more for less. Then there's also the challenge of choosing the right city tour, wine tasting or cooking class. They take care this as well by vetting excursions so you can just choose what you want to do not what tour company you want to do it with. And then there are the transitions. Pickups and drop-offs make those easy. Bottom line: I was impressed. - Janice

Personalize Your Vacation With Monograms

Monograms vacations were created so you can tailor your vacation to your specific likes, interests and travel style. YourWay takes the Monograms concept one step further by allowing you to choose the number of nights you wish to stay in select European cities.

For the first-time visitor to Rome, Venice, Florence, London and Paris, Monograms has found that 3 nights is the magic number for the optimal city experience. But maybe you’ve already spent time in Paris or want to explore more of Florence. With Monograms YourWay, you can customize your stay from two to five nights in these popular cities.

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It's time to walk on cobblestones, take in art's greatest masterpieces and sip a pint in a genuine pub. And it's time to make "someday" - right now. Select your destination below. You can also View Europe Vacation Packages.

Monograms Revealing Travel Blog

Revealing Travel

As you plan – or just dream about – your next vacation, we invite you to get inspired by our travel blog that showcases Monograms in the news, travel tips, stories, customer testimonials and more!

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South America Vacation Packages

South & Central America

Stay in familiar time zones as you explore Peru, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama and so much more. All vacation essentials are included.
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Africa Vacation Packages

Africa Safari Vacations

Our easy to buy and even easier to enjoy packages allow you to move Africa from a dream to a "do" destination.
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Asia Vacation Packages

Asia Vacation Packages

From heavy hitters Japan and China to up-and-comers Thailand, India & Vietnam, never has a destination so exotic been so easy to explore.
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Australia Vacation Packages

Australia Vacation Packages

Monograms ensures your trip to Australia doesn't come with any surprises and makes it easy to pop over to the land Down Under.
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New Zealand Vacation Packages

New Zealand Packages

The way to truly enjoy New Zealand is on your own schedule at your own speed.
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