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Best Times of Year to Travel

What’s the Best Time to Travel to...

Paris? Machu Picchu? Rome? Whether you’re hoping to save time, avoid stressful crowds or spend your money where it counts most, now is the time to turn “someday” into “today.”

Here are some of the best times of the year to travel to some of our most popular destinations.


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If you want to see the city of romance during one of its most pleasant weather seasons, spring or fall are your best bets. But if you’re looking for a break on travel expenses, the sparkling holiday lights in Paris are charming. Watch for special deals any time between November to February.

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You can’t beat the outdoor music, theater, festivals in London in summer. But don’t overlook all that winter has to offer, like excellent travel deals and smaller crowds. Spring, fall or winter are perfect times to enjoy London’s world-class art galleries, see the crown jewels or enjoy Shakespeare at the Globe Theater.

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Amsterdam is known for its gorgeous tulips, which bloom in April and May. Tourism is also at its peak during this time, so book well in advance. July (a school holiday) is also a busy month for tourism. If you’d enjoy quaint cafes with the locals or want to discover a cool little gallery that’s just about to hit the big time – thanks to a tip from your Local Host – consider traveling to Amsterdam in fall or winter.

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Between April and June or September and October, Rome’s weather is comfortable, the crowds are lighter and hotspots like museums, fine dining and wineries are open to the public later. Rome’s Christmas Market, with it cheerful lights and toy fair, is a delight. But know that many attractions change hours of operation for a few months in winter as well as in August, when Italians go on holiday. Your Local Host can help you find the greatest places to experience any time of year.

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Enjoy the temperate nature of the climate and crowds by planning a Barcelona vacation during a shoulder season – April to May or September to October. Consider a visit during Barcelona’s Catalan independence day on September 11, when the city honors its heritage with a festival of music, cuisine, traditional attire and entertainment.

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Machu Picchu

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Weather in this region can change quickly, so pack your rain coat and sunscreen! July and August are popular because the weather is pleasant, but if you don’t mind a little rain and prefer a smaller crowd, consider November or April. It’s a good idea to research the hours of operation for attractions that interest you if you’re traveling during January and February – the region’s wettest months. So when do we think is the best time to go? Now, of course!

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