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Sorrento Must See Sights

Marina Grande

Walk through the Old Town along the fisherman’s path to Marina Grande, once the main harbor of Sorrento. Sophia Loren was filmed in movies at this picturesque harbor. Stop at one of the restaurants to enjoy fresh fish brought in by the local fleet.

Sedil Dominova

Enjoy a stroll through narrow streets. Pass old churches, the Sedile Dominova (which dates back to the late 14th/early 15th century and is famous for its decoration), the ex cathedral with wonderful examples of inlaid woodwork, and back to Sorrento’s main square.

St. Antonino, St. Francis of Assisi

Ask your Local Host about these walks: perhaps take another church walk to visit the church of St. Antonino (the patron saint of Sorrento) and the St. Francis of Assisi church (Italy’s patron saint) with its 13th-century cloisters. See other fascinating religious monuments or maybe take an intriguing walk following the old city walls.

Queen Giovanna’s Baths

Stroll out of town to the Queen Giovanna’s Baths and ancient fortress to enjoy a swim in the Mediterranean. Walk back or catch the local bus.

Public Gardens

Relax in the gardens and enjoy spectacular views across the Bay of Naples to Vesuvius. Newlyweds head to this shaded oasis for fairytale wedding photos.

Inlaid Wood, Cameos

Good buys of local craftsmanship are inlaid woodwork, intarsio, created in anything from small musical boxes right up to large pieces of furniture. Cameos and corals make splendid jewelry pieces. Admire lifelike Capodimonte figurines created in the Naples area. Other possibilities are embroidery and silk work made at home by local ladies, or look out for ceramics from the Amalfi coastline.

Local Cuisine

The Sorrento and Naples areas are well known for their cuisine, but perhaps the most famous of all is the Pizza Margherita, invented in Naples. Sorrento is renowned for its fresh fish dishes, shell fish (often served with Scialatielli homemade pasta), and other seafood such as the delicious calamari. Spaghetti with clams is certainly one of the favorites. For dessert, maybe try the local Pastiera (cake with ricotta cheese, wheat grain and candied fruit).

Limoncello Liquore

Try Italian wines and a specialty, Limoncello, which is made from the local lemons. Limoncello is something Sorrento housewives make themselves if they have the chance.

Street Markets

Ask your Local Host about street markets for local color and bargains.

Sea, Sun, Music and Culture

Sorrento offers everything to visitors: sea and sun, magnificent mountain views, music and culture, and a relaxing atmosphere—and everything within a short distance.