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Here, we invite you to learn about the perfect travel companion: Monograms. Monograms provides travellers a better way to see, experience and enjoy the world. Learn more about the Monograms difference by watching videos and checking out our all-in-one vacation packages to every corner of the world.

About Monograms

What’s included in a Monograms travel package? Everything good, one can expect from a great vacation, without any of the bad that can accompany international travel.

When you travel with Monograms, you choose to forego hotel stress. How? We choose great, pre-selected hotels for travellers in the heart of each destination. Why dream of the world’s greatest sights when there’s the opportunity to wake up right next to them?

With ancient brushstrokes waiting, who wants to study a map? When travellers go with Monograms, they can relax, knowing we will take care of all of their logistics, including everything from transportation from the airport to the hotel to getting from one destination to another.

As part of our inclusive packages, Monograms also provides travellers half-day of sightseeing in each destination, giving them the chance to enjoy the must-see sites. And, because standing in the footsteps of legends is so much better than standing in line, we even help travellers skip the lines with VIP access into the world’s most popular landmarks.

But perhaps the best reason to choose Monograms? This is the only travel company in the world that promises travellers the services of a local thanks to our on-site Local Hosts®: Hosts who are at the beck and call of Monograms’ clients throughout their trips. Why? Because we know our travellers never choose feeling lost over feeling like a local.

You can walk in circles or you can see the famous squares. You can view the world’s must-see sites or you can stew about how you’re going to get there. You can spend hours crossing town, or crossing sights off your list. You can choose how you vacation and when you choose Monograms, you’re choosing a simpler path to enjoyment.

Watch & Learn

You want to see the world, but you don't know where to begin? Well, we're Monograms and we began a long time ago — putting all of the planning, arranging and coordinating into an all-in-one package. In fact, the work is done. It's time to start crossing sights off your list. It's time to turn "someday" into "today." It's time to just go. And enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
Learn about the benefits of travelling with Monograms by viewing our travel videos.

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