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A better way to travel. In a world of travel options, there is nothing like Monograms. Some vacation packages are designed around group tours; others leave you to navigate new worlds on your own. Monograms is different. We arrange traveller accommodations with expertise for hassle-free, independent travel. We also go one (giant) step further: Monograms provides travellers a friendly, expert Local Host, on-site, in each destination, to assist with things like logistics and schedules as well as points-of-interest and everything in-between. With a first-rate selection of vacation packages that take travellers across the globe, Monograms is there, every step of the way.

If you’re a journalist interested in learning more about Monograms, we invite you to click on the “About Us” below or peruse our media kit, press releases and Web site. Thank you for your interest.

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