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Making a better way to travel even better.

Monograms vacations were created so you can tailor your vacation to your specific likes, interests and travel style. YourWay takes the Monograms concept one step further by allowing you to choose the number of nights you wish to stay in select European cities.

For the first-time visitor to London, Paris, Rome, Florence or Venice, Monograms has found that 3 nights is the magic number for the optimal city experience. But maybe you’ve already spent time in Paris or want to explore more of Rome. With Monograms YourWay, you can customize your stay from two to five nights in these popular cities.

Interested in a personalized Monograms vacation? Look for the icon to see where this flexible feature is available.

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Two Nights
To Explore

A two-night YourWay package is perfect if your client has limited time or if they have previously visited a destination. Monograms vacations always kick off with a half-day of guided sightseeing in each city with VIP access to famous attractions. Once they’ve enjoyed this city orientation (and skipping the lines at the top sights!) they can use their remaining time to explore independently, checking their top "must-sees" or "must-dos" off your list. The Local Host® will have plenty of suggestions and optional excursions!

Three, four or five nights
to discover more.

A three-or-more-night YourWay package allows additional time for deeper discoveries and cultural immersion. After the included half-day of guided sightseeing with VIP access, these longer packages allow your client to tap the Local Host for more suggestions and favorites, and take advantage of additional Activities & Excursions (available to book via MyMonograms.) With more time to explore - armed with the knowledge and guidance of a Local Host – they will be transformed from "looker" to "local" in a matter of days.

Personalize Your Vacation

Your Monograms package is designed in a way that enables you to personalize your trip. Beyond our included sightseeing, we've built in lots of free time (assisted by your friendly Local Host®, of course) to explore your interests and passions as you'd like. To help, Monograms has assembled this collection based on customer feedback and experiences. Some are Monograms exclusive, others we've selected from tried-and-true partners. All are reviewed and selected by Monograms to ensure high quality at a great value.

If you've already pre-purchased your Activities & Excursions, you're on your way! Your Local Host® will be able to answer any questions you may have about those excursions, including timing and location.

If you wait until you're on vacation to purchase them, don't worry-we're here to help. Just see your Local Host® to find out which activities can fit better your vacation. Your Local Host® will have details on availability, seasonality, days of operation, and timing.

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